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Henry Salazar - Loving father, husband and grandfather

Prime Pest & Termite Control was founded by the late Henry Salazar Sr. in the early 1990's. Henry Salazar Sr. was born in 1952 in the Clayton home projects of Houston. He had been born into a world of poverty, raised by a single mother, the youngest of 5 siblings, Henry was left to fend for himself at a young age while his older siblings were out working. Rather than let his rough home life get to him, he thought of the future and what he could do to prevent any of his children from experiencing what he had experienced.

In 1975, Henry joined the Marines. One day, him and a handful of his fellow marines were called in to have a word with their superiors. When he stepped into the office he was given the opportunity of a lifetime, to serve in the Marines special forces, recon. He was thrilled at the offer. After all those years in the military he didn’t want to leave, let alone pass up such a tremendous opportunity. He told his superior, “I’m honored to be offered a chance to be in recon, but I’m afraid I’ll have to decline.” He told his superior that his son Henry Jr. had been born and he had yet to see him. He chose his family over his career and took the honorable discharge rather than continue to serve in the Marines. His superior told him, “It’s good to see you have your priorities straight and you know what really matters.”

Once Henry was honorably discharged from the Marines, he went about the task of providing for his family. He was known to work several jobs at once, holding 2, sometimes 3 jobs at a time. He preferred an honest living rather than an illegal and easy way out. He seemed to have held a job in every field from police officer to trucker. He was actually a police officer for a long time until he gave up life in public service for a business venture in exterminating.


In his mid 40’s, Henry started his own business, Prime Pest & Termite Control. With hard work and persistence, he grew his company to the point that he was able to win business from a chain of grocery stores in Texas, Fiesta Mart. With the expansion of his company, he was able to provide his family with a comfortable, stable, life.

Since then, Prime Pest & Termite Control has grown to serve a large part of south east Texas, as well as other parts of the state. Prime Pest & Termite Control is a family business run and operated by Henry Salazar Jr. and Jane Salazar (Henry Jr.’s mother). Prime Pest & Termite Control offers exterminating services to residential as well as commercial enterprises. 

Continuing the legacy that Henry Salazar built, Prime Pest & Termite Control is now focused on expanding our residential services. Henry loved talking to people and being out with clients, so it is in his honor that we are looking to welcome in more new customers to the Prime Pest & Termite Control family.

Prime Pest Logo
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